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Automotive ignition coil Profile

Automotive ignition coil Profile

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With the development of automobile gasoline engines in the direction of high speed, high compression ratio, high power, low fuel consumption, and low emissions, conventional ignition devices are no longer suitable for use.

The core component of the ignition device is the ignition coil and the switching device. The energy of the ignition coil can be increased. The spark plug can generate enough energy sparks. This is the basic condition for the ignition device to adapt to the modern engine operation.

working principle

The reason why the ignition coil can change the low-voltage electricity in the vehicle to a high voltage is that it has the same form as an ordinary transformer, and the ratio of the turns of the primary coil to the secondary coil is large. However, the working mode of the ignition coil is not the same as the ordinary transformer. The ordinary transformer works continuously, and the ignition coil operates intermittently. It repeats energy storage and discharge at different frequencies according to different engine speeds.

When the primary coil is turned on, a strong magnetic field is generated around the current and the magnetic core stores magnetic energy. When the switching device disconnects the primary coil circuit, the magnetic field of the primary coil is rapidly attenuated and the secondary coil is Will induce a very high voltage. The faster the magnetic field of the primary coil disappears, the greater the current at the moment of current disconnection, and the greater the turns ratio of the two coils, the higher the voltage induced by the secondary coil.


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